6 January 2018 – 6 p.m. | Aquarium, Berlin (Germany) – Panel discussion "Drug Dealers as Objects of Societal Hate," focus on this hatred's legitimization of different forms of racism, organized by Scott Holmquist Studio as part of the "Other Homelands" exhibit. With Leandra Balke, Sociologist, masters student at University of Hamburg; Tahir Della, national anti-racism advocate and activist at Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland and glokal association, Berlin;Maximilian Plenert, cannabis legalization advocate and oard member of Akzeptanz e.V. and Science-Associate at the German Cannabis Association; Moderation: Josephine Apraku, social scientist, co-director of the Institute for Discrimination-Free Education

11 January 2018 – 7 p.m. | Rosa Luxemburg Salon, Berlin (Germany) – Panel discussion "Drugs, Work and Racism" (renamed from original concept, "Drug Dealing as Labor," by Scott Holmquist) Organized by Scott Holmquist Studio with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation as part of of the "Other Homelands" exhibit. With PD DR. PHIL. Monika Mokre, political scientist and refugee-activist, Austrian Academy of Sciences; Cengiz Demirci, Park Manager, Görlitzer Park; Ralf Köhnlein, Fixpunkt e.V., Scott Holmquist, artist; Moro Yapha, educator, radio announcer and activist at ‘We Are Born Free’ Radio.

April 2018 | Introducing Low Tide LAB's database - Bug Press, Arcata, CA.

April 2018 | Presentation of the "chronic freedom series" - Humboldt State University, CA.

Summer 2018 | Unveiling the Last Hero - Berlin, locations TBA.

2018 | Genocide & Vendetta intervention and re-edition release - Round Valley / Arcata / SF - locations TBA.


2016 September 8 – Haaretz, "The Man Who Seeks to Erect a Monument to Drug Dealer in Berlin" (האיש שרוצה להקים אנדרטה לסוחרי הסמים בברלין) by Shachar Atwan, fashion editor and lead journalist covering art in Europe for Isreal's largest daily. The print version appeared in the weedend Arts Section, 9 September 2016. Includes interview with Holmquist, a reaction to the second phase of Holmquist's "Letzte Held" ("Last Hero") project beginning with a formal request to erect a monument in Berlin.
2016 July 22 – Artnet.com, "Artist Proposes Monument for Drug Dealers in Berlin: The proposal has even gained political support" by Henri Neuendorf. Artnet.com is a leading art business website.

ILLEGAL! magazine interviewed Scott Holmquist end of 2015. ILLEGAL! is an art and journalistic project famous for considering how people enjoy drugs, founded by a leading Danish advocate for the harm-reduction benefits of legalization, Michael Lodberg Olsen. Every issue sells out. See Vice, Guardian (and other stories).


Program host Wendy Butler, Carolyn Jones, Scott Holmquist and Martin Duespohl on KHSU's "Art Waves," October 9, on the 2014, "Graphic Alchemy – Low Tide X3" shows and Low Tide Archive project.



Art critic, curator and director of the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art, Edit Molnár's review of Scott Holmquist's "Die dritte Mauer und letzte Held" in the June 2014 edition of Hungary's leading journal for museums and curators – Műértő - művészeti és műkereskedelmi folyóirat | The Art Connoisseur – Journal for Art and the Art Market. Edit Molnar was a co-curator of Berlin's 2016 transmediale has been director of Center for Art & Media, Karlsruhe, since 2015.



Lothar Müller's review of Holmquist's "Third Wall and Last Hero" show in Süddeutsche Zeitung the New York Times of Germany. Commentary and translation linked below is excerpted from the "Legalize It!?" conference catalog on Scott Holmquist's "Die dritte Mauer und der letzte Held," (The third Wall and last Hero) installation, Kreuzberg Museum, Berlin, April – June 2014.



"Galleries: ‘Vaiven,’ ‘Vantage Point,’ ‘Peace. Love. Insurgency,’ ‘The DC Paintings’"

Mark Jenkins' November 2013 review of Peace.Love.Insurgency., curated by James Huckenpahler and Jose Ruiz, with Kenseth Armstead at Furthermore in Washington, DC.


"Exoptic Fields aims to repel TV audiences"

Darren Garnick's January 2001 review of blind eye project video, "Exoptic Fields," in The Telegraph, Nachua, NH, produced by Scott Holmquist working as willy mal.

Archived copy at blindeyeprojects.com | The Telegraph online


"Better loving throught imagery: A pair of video artists try to turn the TV into a love machine with a nonpornographic video designed to steer your gaze toward your partner."

Virginia Vitzthum's December 2000 review of "Exoptic Fields" and "blind heat", blind eye project videos produced by Scott Holmquist working as willy mal.

Archived at Salon.com | copy at blindeyeprojects.com

Selected Reviews & Journalism Pre-2000