“Papal Rap” video, Popening. San Francisco, CA (US)
“Papal Blessings: Chile April 1987” video, Progressive Film Festival. Berkeley, CA (US)

2018 Transit_Räume group exhibition | SO36, Berlin, Germany

Holmquist was invited to participate in the exhibition Transit_Spaces with three of his work on migration and public drug-dealing.
Mask Mix: Monument Dreams, a work-in-progress film of dreamscapes considering production and installation of a monument for park drug dealers in Berlin’s Görlitzer Park.
Beside two works from the Other Homelands exhibit: the online Travel Portal, where visitors are invited to plan and book travel from Berlin directly to 13 Berlin park-dealer hometowns, all in Africa, opened using a QR-Code and the Dealer book in four copies, presented on a reading table.

2017/18 Other Homelands: Origins and Migration Routes of Berlin Parks Drug Sellers Museum Exhibition and Podium | Kreuzberg Museum, Berlin, Germany

African-origin immigrants have become the public face of park drug dealers in Berlin as well as in other cities across Germany and Europe. In this work, an ongoing exhibition and research project, I seek to create an aesthetic and political tension between the social realities in the German media and the physical realities of individual bodies, in space. This show included podium discussions and received more press coverage than any solo exhibition in 2017 Germany.

For more on this project, please visit full documentation on Other Homelands website.

Fall 2014 Provisions and CA Sea Grant exhibits of work from Low Tide Archive | George Mason University, Fairfax, VA | Eureka, CA

Late July 2014, Don Russell, Provisions Research Center for Art and Social Change director, invited me join several others for his "Art as Research" show (above) which became part of a larger, parallel exhibit opening a week later in Eureka, California, (below) under the title, "Graphic Alchemy – LTX3".

For more on this exhibit, scroll to October 2014 on the Low Tide Facebook page for Low Tide Exhibit 2 in Fall 2013 see the Low Tide Archive | Art website.

Dec 2012 – Mar 2013 "Sample Strips – Low Tide Exhibit 1"

"Sample Strips Installation 2012/13"

Introduction to Low Tide work using hi-res inkjet prints on 2x15 foot strips of 5 mil / 32 lb Epson Singleweight Matte paper. Strips reproduce images, in order, from selected archive documents — or objects. Selected images appear eye-level forming a horizontal array from strip to strip. The space was lit nightly on a stretch of Highway 101 that becomes 5th Street, in Eureka. Printing by Bug Press, Arcata, CA.

May/June  2014 Video on "Die dritte Mauer und der letzte Held" (The Third Wall and Last Hero) Kreuzberg Museum, Berlin

"Die dritte Mauer und der letzte Held – Room and Tables"

Fall 2013 "Peace. Love. Insurgency." with Kenseth Armstead at Futhermore – Washington, DC

Artist, teacher and Furthermore co-honcho (with Jose Ruiz), James Huckenpahler, seen smiling above, had the idea to curate a show bringing together my work on late 20th century hippie insurgency against the US government's marijuana prohibition with that of Kenseth Armstead, on an earlier Armstead who was a slave and double agent during the American revolution. That's journalist Mark Jenkins getting my side of the story at the show's opening in last picture. Behind us, FHXB Museum director, Martin Düspohl.

See Mark Jenkin's Washington Post notice on the exhibit here.

Winter 2013 – limited chronic freedom series installation Geffen Contemporary at MOCA | Los Angeles, CA.

On Booklyn director Marshall Weber's recommendation, AA Bronson offered me a corner among the museums at the first LA Artists Book Fair at the Geffen at Museum of Contemporary Art. It was terrible having to most often refuse access and explain to people why I would not allow them to see the main volume of the series.

2011 to 2015 private chronic freedom series presentations.

2000 – 2003 | Simultaneous and serial gallery and storefront installations as well as performances of the blind eye projects. Manhattan, Brooklyn and Vienna, Austria and Nice, France